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Founders Wanted is reinventing how startups form

Startup formation needs to evolve

Founders Wanted believes that the genesis of companies needs to be reinvented. Today, most startups still start around the kitchen table or water cooler. The idea behind the new company is drawn from a shortlist pulled together by a small group, often under NDAs. 
At FW we believe world-class founders should be drawing from a  pool of world-class ideas. And we feel this pool should emphasize patented ideas–as the right patents can offer the risk reduction and strategic advantage needed to ensure success.  Our portfolio of patented concepts are business-ready, transformative, and can serve as the foundational IP of a startup.

At FW we’re not arrogant and we don’t have an agonizing process.  We’re objective.  We’re a team of experienced entrepreneurs and inventors who know how to go from concept to production.  We’ve scaled companies and taken them public.  We want to work with the best IP and most talented people to build high-growth technology companies.

Founders Wanted brings value to Inventors

FW is built on the premise that companies have exponentially larger value than patents alone. When we build a company around intellectual property, we turn patented ideas into companies—bringing greater value to inventors of all stripes.

Founders Wanted brings value to Founders

FW is also built on the premise that patents can provide a unique protective service to a startup. Having a built-in moat from the get-go, the Founder will have less competitive risk, can more easily raise money, and can create more value than running with an idea that can be easily copied.

Founders Wanted acts as a Matchmaker.

At FW, we find business-ready patents and match them with qualified founders. The patents portfolio is carefully curated and considers market timing, technical feasibility, and capital requirements. Founders must be passionate, top-of-their-field, and able to recruit a team and build an enterprise.

Founders Wanted acts as an Accelerant

When needed, FW offers additional services to help get a company off the roundly quickly. These include offering pre-drafted corporate docs, technical and business assistance, and help in forming an advisory board. And when needed, FW can provide early pre-seed capital.

1. Patent Acquisition

Our team of patent lawyers and technology experts review thousands of patents to find the best ideas around which a company can be built.

2. Planning

We then develop a business plan and promotional package to present the opportunity.

3. Founder Selection

We carefully recruit and select capable Founders finding the best person or team to run with the idea.

4. Company Formation

Together with the Founder, we create an entity and provide it with support and funding.

Meet the Team

James Logan


Jim is an experienced serial-entrepreneur and inventor. Early in his career, Jim founded MicroTouch Systems, a company that in the 90’s became the world’s largest touch company and the pioneer of today’s ubiquitous capacitive touch screens. He took that company public in 1992 and sold it to 3M in 2000. The early success of the company was facilitated by a set of patents licensed from a solo inventor, Bill Pepper. Following MicroTouch, Jim founded Gotuit Media in 2000. The company was built around a set of patents developed in the mid-90’s by Jim and specialized in adding metadata to video streams. Gotuit was funded by a large Angel round, and later by Highland Capital and Atlas Ventures. Gotuit was sold in 2010 and today its products are part of the Tivo technology suite. In 2009, he founded Personal Audio, a well-known patent holding company that has been successful in licensing over two dozen major technology companies. During his career, Jim has raised over $100M in equity funding. He has also been a lead inventor on 38 patents–patents which have generated over $32M in licensing fees. Jim holds a BS from Hamilton College and an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

Mark Pascarella


Mark is an experienced executive and entrepreneur. Before co-founding Founders Wanted, Mark was General Manager of Hootsuite, overseeing global strategy, business operations and product development for Hootsuite’s social analytics products. Mark joined Hootsuite in 2014 as part of the uberVU acquisition, where he served as CEO since 2011. At uberVU, Mark led all aspects of the company’s worldwide operations. uberVU established the first enterprise systems for real-time social intelligence. Mark was responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy of the company. He also chaired both the company’s Board of Directors and its Executive Committee. Mark is the founder and chairman of pixip labs, which works with entrepreneurs and investors to create and build Digital Media, Social, and SaaS companies. Prior to joining uberVU, Mark was President and CEO of Gotuit Media Corp. where he pioneered video metadata products for leading global media and entertainment customers. As a founding investor, director and executive, Mark played an integral role from the company’s inception in 2000 through its sale in 2010. Before joining Gotuit, Mark teamed up with Sidney Topol, the former Chairman and CEO of Scientific-Atlanta (Cisco), to found The Topol Group, an early-stage investment firm. In addition to Gotuit, some of Mark’s investments included broadband router manufacturer RiverDelta Networks (Motorola), and digital advertising provider Navic (Microsoft). From 1992 to 1997, Mark worked in Business Development at Procter & Gamble. He holds a BS in Management from Bucknell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Brad Liddle

Patent Attorney

Brad Liddle is an experienced patent attorney and manager.  Early in his career, he worked at the Boeing Company managing large scale systems engineering projects for the NASA International Space Station (ISS) program.  After attending law school, Brad was a patent litigator at a boutique law firm in Houston, TX and worked on a wide variety of patent infringement cases including cases in the field of semiconductors, software, gaming, structural, optical, and consumer electronics. Brad went on to become and continues to serve as the CEO and General Counsel of Personal Audio, LLC, a well-known patent holding company that has been successful in licensing over two dozen major technology companies. Brad holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University and a J.D from Texas A&M University School of Law.  He is licensed by the State Bar of Texas, Eastern District of Texas, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Sam Peret

Marketing Manager

Sam’s entrepreneurial experience started with a college dorm VoIP startup selling linux based phone systems. On a walkabout, he expanded his offerings internationally and partnered with the founders of Cloud NURV to extend cloud computing services to mining corporations in Perth, Australia. Upon returning to the Americas, he made a one year pit stop in Maui to build some business database systems for local artists, before receiving a job at a small travel company called Airbnb. Sam has since moved back to the East coast to raise his twin girls, and is furfilled with the opportunity to give others the chance to run their own startup. He holds a BS in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

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