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Get access to business-ready patents. Get seed money. Get resources to succeed.

Build on a patented idea and own your market:


Reduce competitive risk

Attract top talent

Command a higher valuation

Jumpstart the growth of your company with funding up to $100,000.

Leverage our team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. Get legal, financial, and recruiting support.

We turn patents into product roadmaps

Our portfolio is highly-vetted with carefully examined patents offering broad coverage. On average each idea has been researched for more than 3 years. Each idea is ‘Business-ready’ meaning that technology is in place, there’s a ready-market, and realistic capital requirements.



Pairable raised $500,000 on a patented idea from Founders Wanted

“Founders Wanted gave me a 12-month head start so I could focus on scaling my business”

-Asheem Aggarwal, Pairable CEO

Founders Wanted combines ideas, talent and resources to launch successful companies.

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