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Have somebody build a business around your patent.

Turn your patented idea into a company

Employ real people, creating real value.

Patent licensing can be a futile and usually ends up a victim  of the NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome. Litigation is risky, expensive, and taxing. A trial can take years, and end with your patent(s) invalidated. If successful, you still must split the profits with your law firm.  And a jury verdict may still not mean a payout as almost half of such judgements are overturned on appeal.  We offer a better path to value.

Let us do the driving.

With Founders Wanted, there’s no waiting and hoping.

We build a business around your IP and focus on rapid execution.

Most companies are up and running in less than 90 days. 

We take care of the details, and it’s all free.

Be an Owner. Have a Bigger payday

Once a company is created, there’s a dedicated team of people who wake up every morning focused on your idea. Your idea will evolve, new product ideas will flourish, yet you will still own a piece of everything that is created. When the company has an exit, you’ll have a payday.

Founders Wanted combines ideas, talent and resources to launch successful companies.

Ready to find your next opportunity?